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As Nike's market development strategies, Nike signed a lot of big-name NBA stars, their boots to create exclusive, such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and James, and so on. Nike and Jordan is a long history of cooperation, in 1985, Jordan to be paid was still a small contract manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturer Nike's contract, Nike also went to Jordan launched the first paragraph with "Jordan" sneakers named that the first generation of "Air Jordan". At the time this shoe will have strange color and novel technology, and was the beginning of a myth. Today, "Air Jordan" series is still one of the most popular basketball shoes, basketball shoes industry, it is like the "concept car" to encourage the industry to design and develop.

Basically, every star sign with Nike, Nike's headquarters will be in own a showroom. Each exhibition hall will showcase some of the memorabilia associated with the players. But no doubt, Jordan's history of this hall is definitely the most humbling.

Jordan Hall with a best visual effects, tells the history of Nike's brand development. In regard to Jordan personally, the greatest athletes in NBA history, this exhibition also put his story had a most perfect interpretation.

It looks like there is no difference between an ordinary exhibition, but the wall of the huge trapeze Peugeot, enough to explain everything. In the exhibition hall, with countless shoes, and these shoes have a trapeze autograph, but this is great for fans of temptation. These shoes witnessed Jordan's growth, but also witnessed the development of the NBA.



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