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March 2018

Sr. Mary Jane Bookstaver offers a reflection on her vocation story. "Finally, my pastor approached me one day and asked me when I was going to give up the fight and listen to God’s call to religious life and respond with my ‘yes’.  The rest is history and I am now in my 53rd year as a Dominican Sister." Read more.


March 2017

Sr. Carol Lehmkuhl shares "What's an important lesson you learned that you'd like others to learn from too?"

"I would say, in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, 'Not all who wander are lost'..." Read more

Sr. Eileen Cunningham shares "When/Where/How did you know you had a calling to religious life?"

"I remember the day I received First Communion and felt a deep sense of something I could not name..."
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Sr. Nancy Richter shares "What is the most unique experience you have had during your time in ministry?"

"Throughout my life as a Sparkill Dominican Sister, I have served in many varied ministries, each blessing me with unique experiences..." Read more
Sr. Patricia Conway shares "What is the most interesting place you've ever visited and why?"

"Big Sky Country! This phrase aptly describes what you see when you drive across the state of Montana..." Read more
Sr. Joan Bartin shares "What kinds of challenges have you experienced in living a life of service to others and how do you manage them?"

"As I have served in different ministries throughout my life, each place and situation has brought about unique challenges..." Read more

Sr. Maureen Robinson shares "What was the experience in your ministry that changed you the most?"

"In my 571/2 years as a Sparkill Dominican, each day has brought me new experiences for which I will always be grateful..." Read more

Sr. Anne Schwartz shares "What's the most positive change you have seen take place in the world?"

“We hear so much negativity daily in our news, so it is important for us to look at the positive things that are happening around us..." Read more


November 2016

Sr. Mary Jane Bookstaver offers a reflection on the beginning of the Advent Season. "Waiting is not easy, but people have been waiting for one thing or another since the beginning of humanity. Let us wait patiently and hopefully, for the Lord IS coming." Read more.


July 2016

Sr. Margaret Mary O'Doherty, who ministers on a Native American (Cree) Reservation in Montana, shares "Since the traditional Native American religion is not Catholic, how have our Sisters become so integral on reservations out West?"

"Many of the people on our reservation are baptized Catholic, but their relationship is with the Creator. They see the rites and rituals of the Catholic Church and their own spiritual ways as being in harmony..." Read more.


March 2016

Sr. Amelia DeMarco shares "If you hadn't ministered where you did, where do you think you would've ministered?"

"When I was a teenager, the idea of becoming a Sister and a medical doctor appealed to me..." Read more

Patty Schulman, Sparkill Dominican Associate, shares "Tell us about a Catholic Sister who impacted or changed your life and how."

"During my lifetime I've met and worked with many Sparkill Dominicans. My relationship with Sisters began as a child..."
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Sr. Elizabeth Slenker shares "What do you like best about being a Catholic Sister? What's the most challenging part?"

"Someone asked me once what my greatest gift from God was. I answered 'my religious vocation' and I hold that belief firm having lived this life for 60 years..." Read more
Sr. Kathleen Kane shares "What's a common misconception about being a Sister that you'd like to clarify?"

"One common misconception I have heard about religious life is 'You have given up so much!'..." Read more
Sr. Margaret Oettinger shares "What was the experience in your ministry that changed you the most?"

"Early in my life, I felt a call to ministry and a desire to share the gifts that God gave me with others..." Read more

Sr. Mary Dempsey shares "What do you like best about being a Catholic Sister? What's the most challenging part?"

"To be a Catholic Sister is to belong to a body larger than one's individual life or even one's individual congregation..." Read more

Sr. Miriam Joseph Schaub shares "What does 'family' mean to you, in all the iterations you have in your life?"

“Family is that unit in society that welcomes, loves, nurishes, nutures and cherishes each member..." Read more

Sr. Suzanne Walker shares "How do you describe a calling?"

"To describe my calling to a life as a Dominican Sister, I would say that it is more of a feeling and a desire to help others know Jesus Christ..." Read more


May 2015

Sr. Lois Liekweg shares "What is the most substantial change you have seen take place in the world?"

"I suppose there are a few things. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the development and growth of technology which has provided some of the greatest "toys" ever brought forth..." Read more.


March 2015

Sr. Jeanne Shary shares "What makes you most proud about being a Catholic Sister in today’s changing world?"

Watch her video reflection here.

Sr. Rosemary Sullivan shares "What is the most meaningful place you've ever visited and why?"

"Probably the most meaningful place I’ve visited is Nicaragua. As a young person I had always wanted to be a missionary..."
Read more.
Sr. Pat Hogan shares "What is the most fulfilling moment you have experienced while in the service of others?"

"Throughout my 47 years of ministry ranging from teaching primary grades, high school, youth ministry and as a pastoral associate I have found a 'common thread' linking them all together..." Read more.
Sr. Mary Hourigan shares "What is the most unique experience you have had during your time in ministry?"

"The most unique experience would be my living on a Native American reservation in the Ft. Kipp, Montana area for approximately 35 years..." Read more.
Sr. Ann Matthew O'Shea shares "What is your most treasured memory to date as a Dominican Sister?"

"My most treasured memory is being of assistance to the frail elderly residents at Dowling Gardens senior living community in Sparkill..." Read more.

Stephanie Carpentieri, Sparkill Dominican Associate, shares "What is your most fond memory of a Catholic Sister?"

"When I was in 7th grade at St. Martin of Tours School, Sr. Claire Therese, a Sparkill Dominican, set out to teach her class of about 50 eleven year old girls to sing various parts of the Mass in Latin..." Read more.

Sr. Kathy Logan shares her experience of discerning religious life and how she lives out her life as a Dominican Woman.

“I began a quest more than twenty years ago, an intentional quest in search of God..." Read more.

Sr. Jeannine DeClue shares "What is a saying, quote or prayer that always makes you smile?"

"Connecting with God makes me smile, so as soon as I’m ready to consciously approach God there’s always a smile because I feel very loved and accepted by God..." Read more.

Sr. Eileen Cunningham shares "What is an important lesson you've learned that you'd like others to learn from too?"

"Probably my most important learning has to do with my opportunities to interact with people from so many different cultures..."
Read more.
Sr. Marie Angelique Dryden shares "When, where and how did you know you had a calling to religious life?"

“Well for some reason, I knew when I was 8 years old that I wanted to be a Dominican Sister!..." Read more.
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