Our Jubilarians


We celebrate and give thanks for our Sisters celebrating milestone anniversaries.

Cardinal Dolan with Jubilarian Sisters Maureen Stocking, Frances Dryden,
and Angelique Dryden. (Photo courtesy of Catholic New York.)
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On May 5, 2013, at the annual celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the congregation in 1872, we honored our Diamond Jubilarians (65 years, 70 years, 75 years, and 80 years as Sparkill Dominicans). Our Golden Jubilee celebration was held in Sparkill on May 18.

We celebrate the example of all of our jubilarians as faithful witnesses to the God who has called them to serve as Dominican Sisters of Sparkill.

80 Years

       Sister Lois Liekweg (Sparkill, NY)

Sr. Lois Leikweg preaches on the occasion of her 80th anniversary as a Sparkill Dominican.

Sr. Lois Liekweg preaches on the occasion of her 80th anniversary
as a Dominican Sister of Sparkill .


75 Years

       Sister Marie Daugherty (St. Louis, MO)

       Sister Veronica Lanham (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Marianne Travers (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Patricia Ann Reilly (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Marie Jean Dempsey (Sparkill, NY)

70 Years

       Sister Eileen Reilly (Sparkill, NY)

65 Years

       Sister Ann Marie Stoltz (St. Louis, MO)

       Sister Cecilia Ann Flynn (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Mary Rose Mullervy (Monroe, NY)

       Sister Catherine Tahaney (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Mary Magdalen Fleming (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Margaret Gerard von Achen (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Frances Dryden (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Marie Murphy (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Rita Farrell (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Jane Tyler (New Rochelle, NY)

60 Years

       Sister Nora McCarthy (Hays, MT)

       Sister Patricia McLoughlin (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Mary Keehan (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Mary McLaughlin (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Sheila Marie O'Regan (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Elizabeth McAleavey (Amityville, NY)

       Sister Margaret Ryan (Bronx, NY)

       Sister Kathleen Kane (Big Sandy, MT)

       Sister Dolores Shortal (St. Louis, MO)

       Sister Marie Angelique Dryden (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Joanne Deas (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Patricia Egan (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Marianne Morelli (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Therese Tangney (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Maureen Stocking (St. Louis, MO)

       Sister Helen Regina Durso (Hays, MT)

       Sister Marie Thomas McGuire (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Margaret Glynn (Sparkill, NY)

50 Years

       Sister Nora McArt (Sparkill, NY)

       Sister Gloria Lowe (New Rochelle, NY)

       Sister Barbara Wright (Yonkers, NY)

       Sister Kathleen Gorman (Spring Valley, NY)

       Sister Sheila Brennan (St. Louis, MO)

       Sister Diane Aiken (St. Louis, MO)

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