To Praise  ~   To Bless  ~   To Preach

The Dominican motto “Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare”, “To Praise, To Bless, To Preach” is a way of living life that is aware that all creation is a gift from God, thus we give glory to God in praise. All of life is a moment when God wants to infuse us with grace and so we bless those around us and ask God’s blessing on the world. All of life is a Word of God, so our urge is to preach it.

In 1980, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill embraced the opportunity to invite the laity to share in their living of these gospel values, thus establishing its Associate program.

Who are Sparkill Associates?

Sparkill Dominican Associates are Christian men and women who wish to live out the charism and mission of the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill within their own lifestyles as single, married, or ordained individuals. Associates participate in the life of the Sparkill Congregation through their involvement in prayer, study, service, and presence. As Dominican Family members, Associates preach the Good News through the voices of their work and their lives. Through non-vowed affiliation, each Associate’s commitment is unique and affirms that we are all part of one body – Christ’s.

Associates commit to upholding the Sisters’ Congregational Mission Statement:

“We are joyful women of prayer and compassion who proclaim the reign of God
through ministry for justice and reverence for all creation.”

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Levels of Participation

God's invitation to become an Associate is a gift. You are invited to join Sparkill's vowed members and other Associates in living the gospel values within your own vocation. This bonding is an extention of ourselves to one another and to those we serve. When we celebrate and pray together, we are given the privilege of contemplating the great wonders of God's love.

In sharing the mission and charism of the Sparkill Dominican Sisters, each Associate's level of participation may vary based on her/his lifestyle, geographical location, and work. Participation may include:

Spiritual ~ Active participation in congregational and local community liturgies, retreats, days of recollection, prayer groups or simply sharing in the prayer ministry of the congregation.

Ministerial ~ Sharing of gifts and talents, as well as professional expertise through volunteering, wherever and whenever this is mutually feasible.

Social ~ Participation in congregational celebrations, workshops and seminars, offering and receiving hospitality and participating in local community gatherings.

If you would like additional information or are interested in exploring the Sparkill Associate program, please email Sr. Margaret Palliser, OP

New York Associates

St. Louis, MO Assoicates